Podcast Episode 37: Pool Noodles

Three is a magic number this episode as a special guest joins Joel and Shane and all three hit up the usual content laughing their way through.

Podcast Episode 36: Country Music Podcasting Legends

After fattening up on fast food, the boys settle in with the usual formula. Infamous: Second Son takes over the video game segment but doesn't outdo some amazing music on Side B.

Podcast Episode 35: Rears In Gear

Rears in seats tempo up to rears in gear. Break it down.

Podcast Episode 34: Grooves And Moods

A sandwich is made and the candles are lit. Joel and Shane know how to set a proper mood and it carries through the entire episode.

Podcast Episode 33: Walk Twenty Feet And Die Three

Joel and Shane take a road trip to the Super Bowl halftime show but forget to plug in their microphones. Somehow they still end up with a full episode of audio based on their knowledge and understanding of the mighty air guitar.

Podcast Episode 32: We Won All Your Grannys

The ice is definitely broken which leads to a night of awarding grannys. Walk down the red carpet with ABOG with another side A/side B worthy of a spin on both sides.

Podcast Episode 31 : Side A Video Games, Side B Music

Spinning two sides and both are full to each rim this episode.

Podcast Episode 30 : Dream Singer (Favorites of the Year 2013)

Yours and our favorites from 2013 for both video games and albums.

Podcast Episode 29 : All The Tweaking Of All Your Parts Is There

Shane is racing between console generations while Joel takes abuse from his animal 'friends'. Join the guys for another session of Video Games and Music on Episode 29 : A Band of Gamers Podcast.

Podcast Episode 28 : Super Record Store 3D World A Link to the Past

Next gen is here and it means piles of fantastic games to play through and not necessarily on the new consoles. Hear all about it in the latest podcast episode.