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ABOG Podcast Ep46 : Jeff Lynne's 100 Billionth #1

Joel could take a hint from Shane's mastery of the whole body cleansing thing in order to gain more coffee and guitar time. Great music, impressions of Gaslight Anthem's Get Hurt album and side B content that goes off the rails in a new episode of ABOG Podcast.

ABOG Podcast Ep45 : A Band of Covers

Joel and Shane buy new guitars and can't help but talk about them in Side B but only after they cover a few covers in Side A. Beers, music conversation and a generous mix of great songs round out the episode.

ABOG Podcast Ep44: Three's Company Pedal

Ever get together with friends and talk music while spinning records? Shane and Joel do exactly that in another episode of ABOG Podcast. Featuring music from Phox, The Delta Routine, Kentucky Knife Fight, Lost in a Name and Boy & Bear.

ABOG Podcast Ep43: Poppycock

The guys put on sunscreen before sharing a summertime mix and favoriting a few snacks. Great tunes in the hot sun and a potential visit from the potentially real Paul McCartney highlight a new episode of audio from ABOG Podcast.

ABOG Podcast Ep42: Kill The Singer

A good friend joins Joel and Shane this week and together they build a wall of guitars.